May 23, 2012

Dear MDCS Parents,

Thank you all for your contribution to a smooth testing season. If the question, “What did I do?” is running through you mind, the answer is you got your child to school on time, rested, and well nourished. That in itself is a tremendous contribution. If you brought snacks or proctored any test sessions, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Our test results are official, and they are excellent.

The state uses End of Grade tests to track both proficiency and growth on an individual basis. A student is deemed proficient if s/he scores 3 or better on the appropriate EOG. Target scores are calculated based on the preceding year’s EOG score. If a student meets or exceeds his/her individual target scores in reading and math, s/he has meet growth expectations. Schools are judged by performance composite (percentage of students testing as proficient) and growth status (percentage of students making growth).

Our performance composite is 89.12% (254 test scores of 3 or better out of 285 total tests administered). More importantly, the percentage of students meeting or exceeding growth expectations is 64.46%. These numbers will make us a School of Distinction with High Growth Status. This is the third year in a row we’ve been a School of Distinction. We achieved High Growth in 2010 and 2012 and met expected growth in 2011. These outstanding test results are validation that making learning fun, engaging, and relevant for our children gives them the tools they need to succeed in the world at large.

All of our teachers are to be applauded for these results which are a team effort beginning with the foundation so artfully laid by Ms. Kristin and Mr. Jonathan in kindergarten. However, Ms. Brook, our middle school math, PE, and sports teacher, deserves special recognition for a phenomenal testing season. 57 of her 59 students scored 3 or better on the math EOG and all of her 16 algebra students (ranging from 6th-8th grade) scored 3 or better on the EOC, giving her students a performance composite of 97.33%. 79.59% of her students achieved expected growth. It takes 60% to achieve High Growth status. Put another way, if middle school math was a school of its own, the state would recognize it with its highest distinction, Honor School of Excellence with High Growth status. Our perennially excellent teacher has truly outdone herself this year.

As an administrator, I feel blessed to be surrounded by such a skilled and caring staff. As a parent, I am even more blessed to have MDCS as an option for my son’s education.


Carter Petty

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