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If you're looking for the bus schedule, the family handbook, the school calendar, forms, policies, and much more, use the Parent Resources dropdown menu in the above navigation bar. If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to call the school office.

PEP is the MDCS Parent Educator Partnership and all parents and staff members are members by default. If you're curious, read the PEP Handbook to learn a lot more.

PEP News is updated in Happenings. Click the link in the Parent Resources drop down menu above and scroll down to read the updates.



The current officers are:

Chair - Shae Brown
Secretary - Leanne Pate
Treasurer - Beth Budden


(Committees to be headed up by room parents and additional volunteers* as noted)

Garden/School Beautification Committee:

LeighAnne Young and Abby Buenting*

Kg -Leighanne Young and Shae Brown
1-Jessica Newton
2-Maria Noakes and Leighanne Young

Fundraising Committee: Shae Brown and Leanne Pate*

(terra cycle, discount cards, yard sale)

3-Shae Brown and Jenny McPherson
4-Anne Van Edison
5-Jessica Danaher

Events Committee:

Arlyce Watkins*(Zombie Run)
Crim Bassett* and Jen Pitney*(dances)
Leanne Pate (Music Festival)

6-Lorri Rich
7-Leanne Pate
8-Sam Morton

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