Electives will meet on alternate days this year. Elective 1 will meet on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Elective 2 will meet on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Choices for Elective 1: Sports, Advanced Band, Art Lab, Teacher Assistant, Dungeons and Dragons, Study Hall,
Choices for Elective 2: Sports, Beginning Band, Study Hall, Nature Explorations, Teacher Assistant, Web Design, Study Hall,

Students who are not in good academic standing will be required to attend study hall. We define good academic standing as a “C” average or better and current on all assignments. Teachers may require students to attend study hall if they miss a deadline for homework or class work.

Course Descriptions

Art Lab: Ms. Krista

Yo, get ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! In Art Lab you will learn a variety of ways to express yourself and what is happening in the world around you. In this course you will have the chance to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques as you refine your skills. You can look forward to using a little bit of everything from paint, collage, printmaking, book binding,drawing and more. We will explore the elements and principles of design as well as art history and art from different cultures. Art Lab is a great place for you to visually express your uniqueness. This class will be offered all year, but will change each quarter. Supply Fee: $3.00

Ceramics: Ms. Krista

In this elective students will use clay as their primary means of expression. We will work on hand-building techniques and learn how to throw on the wheel. Throughout the quarter, student artists will create a variety of containers and sculptural pieces that demonstrate their experiments with creating texture, applying glaze, and how the clay is fired. There will be a $3.00 studio fee for this class that will be collected the first week.

Sports: Ms. Brook, Ms. Blair and Ms. Amy Jo

Offerings will be hockey and soccer. Please remember that along with playing games, students are required to learn skills, run, do push ups, sit ups, work hard, and have fun!

The Nature of Writing: Mr. Killebrew

Like to write? Like being alone outside? We will be putting the two together in this elective to see what happens. New prose and poetry will be written by you, the writer, every day we meet. Those who feel like sharing can do so, but there will be no pressure. This is a class where we will explore what writing is, what it's for, and how/when it can be produced most genuinely and effectively.

Nature Explorations: Ms. Blair

Join the fun as we continue the class formally known as Nature 101. Winter is the perfect time to explore the woods and out-of-doors. The plan is to explore the sights and sounds of nature through animal tracking, bird-watching, outdoor games,and more. We may also try out some new activities! Dress for the weather each day and wear good walking/hiking shoes. Repeat students by instructor approval only. Class size is limited to 12 students, so make your second choice carefully.

Beginning Band: Mr. Collings

This elective course is offered to middle school students with interest in learning one of the following instruments: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, baritone, percussion, guitar and bass guitar. In addition to providing a great musical opportunity to students, participation in middle school band prepares MDCS students to continue their studies in a high school band. Beginning band is a commitment made for the whole year and will meet on Tuesday and Thursday.

Advanced Band: Mr. Collings

Advanced band is for sixth-eighth grade students who have participated in band for at least one year. We will work towards playing scales, solos, and concert band music. In addition to providing a great musical opportunity to students, participation in middle school band prepares MDCS students to continue their studies in a high school band. Advanced band meets on Monday and Wednesday and is a commitment made for the whole year.

Teacher Assistants will be assigned to an elementary classroom. Students will be expected to communicate absences to their supervising teacher, attend reliably, and be ready to work. Only one of your electives can be Teacher Assistant. Only qualified students will be placed as assistants. Make your second choices wisely.

In Mr. Carter’s HTML/CSS class, students will use skills acquired in the first quarter class to design and code a web site covering a topic of their choice. Only currently enrolled HTML/CSS students may take the class.

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