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Welcome to Our Kindergarten World!

Kindergarten is a wonderful and exciting experience for us all. MDCS Kindergarten shares a learning environment where children develop and grow through education, building lifelong foundations for learning. We strive to provide a secure, comfortable, nurturing, and dependable place to learn, play, discover, and explore. We value imagination and play and genuinely believe that children are active participants in their own education. We work together as friends to build a productive classroom community. Most of all, we encourage every child's natural desire to make positive contributions to our world.


In our kindergarten, the success of each child is cherished. We take time to get to know each student. We celebrate our students' individual talents, while they face challenges, and take appropriate risks. Learning is child directed, teacher guided, and hands on. This approach allows us to get to know our students and to meet individual learning needs. We believe a differentiated and experiential approach to learning is essential. We strive to adapt each child's learning to his or her appropriate developmental level.


Kindergarten follows the content of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, while utilizing project based learning and classroom expeditions. Content is structured to engage our students in authentic learning experiences. Our kindergarten students are encouraged to make their own learning choices and are given the resources and time necessary to become experts in a given subject area. We encourage the youngest students at MDCS to begin taking responsibility for their own learning and to always do their best work!


Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fitness, Technology, and the Arts are all integrated throughout our weekly routine. The North Carolina Standard Course of Study is taught using phonics, whole language, repetition, and inquiry based problem solving. Although some specific curriculum is taught separately, much of our instruction overlaps content areas in fun and meaningful ways. Dramatic play, puppetry, theater, music, and movement are key to reinforcing comprehension and other kindergarten skills. The best of children's literature is utilized throughout the school year, while we explore writers, illustrators, and individual children's authors of note. Exploration of each area incorporates collaboration with middle school learning buddies, other teachers, family members, visiting experts, community service, and taking trips outside of the classroom. In kindergarten, we depend on and foster the partnership between teachers, children, families, and community.


We realize that sending your little ones off to kindergarten is an emotional experience. It is our wish to celebrate this transition with all of our families. Mountain Discovery Charter School's Kindergarten is a fun and creative place to begin building the foundation for successful learning.




Ms. Kristin and Ms. Lisa

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